The Tolerance in Motion experience begins well before the rig
comes to your community and continues long after the rig has left town.

1 Pre Visit

Tolerance in Motion has created a three pronged community engagement plan to ensure entire communities are invested in bringing the mobile museum to town. Additionally, a comprehensive set of materials is provided for educators to prepare their students for the visit. The materials include activities and assignments that will offer students a chance to build their understanding of the key concepts that will be covered during their visit. We encourage classroom teachers to make use of our materials so that they may generate critical conversations related to the museum visit.

Please click here for our Tolerance in Motion Comprehensive Plan

2 The Visit

The museum visit takes approximately 45 minutes, and is available as a scheduled or informal experience. Professional educators will act as guides for each group. The truck can accommodate 30 people per tour, meaning during a typical school day between six to eight classes can experience the tour.

The interior of the Tolerance in Motion truck contains a series of powerful and interactive multimedia exhibits through which visitors will explore the importance of identity, the danger of propaganda, and the need to avoid prejudice and stereotypes. There are videos and interactive displays throughout the interior. As each visitor walks through the eleven different learning areas the spaces are filled by voices from the past and the present day.

Programming is directly linked to the following educational standards:

  • Grade 6-12 Media Literacy
  • Grade 6-12 Language-Oral Communication
  • Grade 9-12 World History
  • Grade 10 Civics
  • Grade 12 World Religions
  • Grade 12 International Law

3 After Your Visit

In many ways, what happens after the visit is as important as what happens during the visit. Students should be given an opportunity to process what they have learned, express themselves, and ask any questions they may have.

Tolerance in Motion offers educators post-visit surveys and online professional development opportunities to further the educational experience.

If there are any questions from the students that pose challenges in responding, please submit them to the Tolerance in Motion team—we are here to help. We also welcome any feedback on how to continue to make this a meaningful experience for you and your students.

Each Tolerance in Motion visit is intended to be a starting point for people of all ages to join together and take action to create safe communities, free from bullying, intolerance and hate.

Please click here for additional post-visit resources

4 Cost

The cost of staffing and running Tolerance in motion is significant and supported primarily through the generosity of individual corporate and foundation partners. Our current charge to communities is minimal, ensuring we are accessible but still able to meet the financial obligations for community visits. The modest participation fee will ensure that Tolerance in Motion remains a sustainable program.

For more information on suggested donations and participation fees, please contact:

Laura Zelle at