Tolerance in Motion Presents Partnering Opportunities to Continue Your Learning:

Online Options for Educators

(Commitment from teachers to take one course as follow through from a "rig" visit.)

Facing History and Ourselves themes:


Online Courses

Become a fully trained Facing History teacher by taking a multi-week online course. Educators that complete a Facing History online course become part of our Educator Network with access to the complete Facing History website, our extensive lending library, and one on one support from a Facing History program associate. Online courses can be taken for graduate credit.

Online Workshops

Take an in-depth look at themes of anti-semitism, bullying, civic participation, and moral decision making with one of our weeklong online workshops. Workshops focus on Facing History resources that explore such works as the memoir Red Scarf Girl, the civil rights documentary Freedom Riders, or the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and are designed for you to go at your own pace. Access content, discussion forums, and strategies when it’s convenient for you, with full support of Facing History staff.


Sign up for a free webinar to explore Facing History themes and hear from guest speakers and experts on topics including civil rights, the Holocaust, and immigration. Past webinar guests include Pulitzer Prize-winning author Sonia Nazario, Holocaust survivors, filmmakers and activists (The List), and veterans of the American civil rights movement. Other webinars provide focused discussion of Facing History pedagogy, teaching strategies, and educational trends. The webinars are recorded for those who cannot attend and many can be found archived on the Facing History website.

Options for Community Members/Students/Law Enforcement

Not in Our Town Quick Start Guide
Working Together for Safe, Inclusive Communities

Not In Our Town is a program for people and communities working together to stop hate, address school bullying and build safe, inclusive environments for all. This quick guide provides steps for starting a Not In Our Town campaign that fits your local needs. The ideas in this guide came from people in communities like yours who wanted to do something about hate and intolerance. Their successful efforts have been a shining light for the Not In Our Town movement. We look forward to adding your story to a chain of positive actions spreading across the country and around the world.

The steps align with these core ideas:

  • Silence is acceptance.
  • Visible inclusion sends a positive message.
  • Change happens when we work together.